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Thesis Research Topics

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Create Your Badge The following are examples of research topics which you can inject in your thesis project:

Office Building Design
- Application of modular building system in office building design
- Integrating the 60L Five Elements for Sustainable Green Building Design for Office Buildings (

Healthcare Facility Design
- A psychosocial approach to design of health care environments (
- Creating “neighborhood” concept in mental health facilities (

Educational Facilities Planning and Design
- The Feng Shui of School Design (
- Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Children’s environments that work (
- Creating a Sense of Place in Schools (
- Sustainable Design for Schools (
- High Performance School Building Design (
- Integrating Learning Environments (
- Developing Personal Space in Schools (
- Developing Settings for Learning (
- Environmentally friendly design elements in schools (

Sports Facility Planning and Design
- “Green-field” Sports Facility Design (

Leisure Facility Planning and Design
- Holistic Approach to Leisure Facility Planning and Design
- Creation of Destination Clubs: New Trend in Resort Development

Exhibition Halls Planning and Design
- A Philosophic approach to design of an exhibition building (

Residential Facility Planning and Design
- Adapting the Radburn Concept in Design of Retirement Villages
- Planning for “Cool Communities”

These are just initial examples. I will update this whenever I come across an interesting topic. Pls. feel free also to post a comment and provide suggestions to any topic

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tristan,  April 2, 2011 at 2:35 AM  

can someone email or post a link for the thesis format in your school?

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