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Monday, February 9, 2009

Review Questions: Building Laws 03

Ccd ArkiReview

Create Your Badge Part 3 of Building Laws Quiz focusing on Housing Laws and Other Related Laws. Enjoy!

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  1. What is the minimum lot frontage for rowhouse units in economic housing as provided for in BP 220?
    A. 3 mtrs.
    B. 3.5 mtrs. (correct answer)
    C. 4 mtrs. (your answer)
    D. 4.5 mtrs.
    this should be 4 meters..=D

  2. As per BP 220, what is the minimum dimension for stairway tread and riser respectively?
    A. 200 / 250 mm (correct answer)
    B. 250 / 200 mm (your answer)
    C. 250 / 300 mm
    D. 300 / 250 mm

    Diba 250mm riser is maximum?


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