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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review Questions: Planning 01

Part 1 of Planning Quiz. Enjoy!

Planning 01 » Quiz School

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  1. This is a fantastic site! I'm doing a virtual study room for my daughter who will be taking the AR board exam on 2010 so, I would point them to your site. Too bad, my platform cannot accept iframes. I could have embedded your mock-exam widgets.

  2. Q.3) This two corridors of intense development crosses at the center and is usually found in small cities
    A. Linear
    B. Branch (correct answer)
    C. Rectilinear (your answer)
    D. NOTA

    CDEP reviewer planning p.29
    usually with 2 corridors of intense development crossing the ceter; usually found in small cities rather than in large.

    BRANCH :
    a linear span with connecting arms

  3. this is awesome!!!!!

  4. to ando: i agree, some of the answers here are incorrect..

  5. reading reviewers book is also important as your reference..
    so read.. read..and read...


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