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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Questionnaire on UAP Doc 207: Design-Build Services

As part of the on-going revisions for the UAP Documents on Standards of Professional Practice, I am reproducing here the suggested questionnaire which were distributed during the UAP Area B Assembly 2009. This would be of help in getting the status of architects involved in construction and will aid in the necessary revisions.

This will just take a few minutes of your time but your responses are very important. Thank you.

1. Are you, as a practicing architect, a member or part of a construction entity?

2. Have you as an architect, worked in tandem or in joint arrangement with a construction entity?

3. Are you, besides being an architect, a licensed constructor?

4. Are you in favor of architects constructing their own design through general contracting?

5. Would you agree to a notion in the National Architects Code UAP Doc207 Design-Build Services to lay down the guidelines for architects involved in construction, including their own design, with safeguards provided to protect the interest of all parties concerned?

6. You are a member of what area in the UAP?

Thank you very much! Please go to the other survey on the professional fees on how much is to be charged by the architect for professional services, UAP Doc 208

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