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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review Questions: Planning 02

Part 2 of Planning Quiz. Enjoy!

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  1. Q.24) Metro Manila is considered a primate city because
    A. It is the largest urban center of the country
    B. It contains the country’s primary central business district (correct answer)
    C. It has a very large population compared to all other urban centers of the country (your answer)
    D. It is a metropolitan center

    Wikipedia notes did not mention CBD or CFD as a character.

    A primate city is the leading city in its country or region, disproportionately larger than any others in the urban hierarchy.[1] A 'primate city distribution' has one very large city with many much smaller cities and towns, and no intermediate-sized urban centres, in contrast to the linear 'rank-size distribution'.[2] The 'law of the primate city' was first proposed by the geographer Mark Jefferson in 1939.[3] He defines a primate city as being "at least twice as large as the next largest city and more than twice as significant."[4]

  2. t is a merging of two or more metropolises with a population of 10 million or more

    A Megalopolises (your answer)
    B Metropolitan
    C Conurbation (correct answer)
    D Threshold population
    dba megalopolis?

  3. The megalopolis would be larger in terms of area because of the features that make it a megalopolis.

    Conurbation - is your metropolitan city - the city that has spread out and included all the little cities/towns around it (the surrounding suburbs)amples below.

  4. Manila may be primate cause of CBD because its not the largest yet its the capital.. just an opinion


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