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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review Questions: Professional Practice 05

Part 5 of ProfPrac Quiz. Enjoy!

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  1. Admin,
    Please check on this typo.

    Q.5) In a typical owner-architect agreement, which of the following is NOT part of architect’s professional fees?
    A. Income taxes on professional fees (correct answer)
    B. Five sets of plans and contract documents
    C. Surveys and soil exploration (your answer)
    D. Mechanical/electrical engineering

    I was thinking that only the 12% VAT is not inclusive on the Architect's Fee. C. which is the Surveys and Soil Exploration, may be the answer to this question.


  2. architects income taxes are part of the fee being paid to the architect. surveys and soil exploration are to be paid separately or provided by the owner.

  3. same question po. ang nakalagay po "...NOT part of architect's professional fee?" hindi po ba b, c & d ang tamang sagot?

  4. Which of the following services are expected from the architect serving as building/ground administrator?
    A.Building maintenance
    B.Post-construction evaluation
    C.Equipment maintenance (your answer)
    D.Bidding of tenants for rentals/utilities (correct answer)

    "Billing (not bidding) of tenants... is under Business and Development Management", the answer should be either A or C(if EQUIPMENT maintenance prefers to the BUILDING EQUIPMENT maintenance specifically)


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