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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TAO-Pilipinas Young Professionals Program

Over the past two months TAO welcomed three groups of international delegates participating in various training courses under Lund University’s Housing and Development Management (HDM) Department. This has been the second year that TAO served as local coordinator, facilitating participants’ field visits to housing development sites in Metro Manila to experience what they refer to as “architecture in extreme environments.”
(See TAO website)

In the coming months, TAO will start organizing its own annual training program, the YP Workshop on Social Housing, for local participants. The thematic program for this year’s YP Workshop, set for October 2009, will focus on water and sanitation issues with immersion activities in urban poor communities in Metro Manila. At the end of the project, we hope to form a new batch of committed young professionals to undertake small community projects that will embody the collaborative partnership between the young professionals and communities in need. As we mobilize the resources required for this activity, we’ll also need extra hands to do research work, community technical needs assessments, and sponsorship solicitations. Volunteers are very much welcome to work with us, just email us at yp@tao-pilipinas. org..

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