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Friday, March 13, 2009

Solution the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Architecture

One of the few people who believe that peace is still possible between Israel and Palestine is Viktor Ramos, an architecture student from Rice University. He produced as his final student project The Continuous Enclave: Strategies in Bypass Urbanism.

More information about this project, here.

Viktor designed this gigantic bridges in which both states can live together. The result is a fantastic example of architectural speculation: genuinely massive - and impossibly cantilevered - bridges used as transport links, aerial housing, and skyborne agricultural complexes, all in one.

According to Ramos:
"This thesis takes a formal approach to understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by studying mechanisms of control within the West Bank. The occupation of the West Bank has had tremendous effects on the urban fabric of the region because it operates spatially. Through the conflict, new ways of imagining territory have been needed to multiply a single sovereign territory into many. It is only through the overlapping of two separate political geographies that they are able to inhabit the same landscape."

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