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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bahamas Design Challenge

The international “Bahamas Custom Home design challenge” architecture competition is a unique opportunity to design a multi-level detached single family home to sit on a 3¼ acre waterfront site in the Bahamas.
The competition will be held in two stages, and judged anonymously in the first stage of Schematic Design. The authors of up to six schemes will be invited to develop their design and enter the second stage for the awarding of the Commission for the design of the building.

Design Brief:
The objective of the architectural competition is the design of a 2 or 3 floor multi-generational home for a husband and wife (in their 50’s), six year old twins (boy and girl), and including two self contained guest apartments for sister-in-law, and another sister-in-law and husband (in their seventies). Additionally two ‘connected’ self contained spaces for live in employees are also required.
The design should be either, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Caribbean or a fusion of all three, while being mindful of a sub-tropic region with tropical summers. (Hot and humid from June through October, with searing sun and torrential rains, and balmy from November – May with occasional cool evenings). The architectural ‘guideline’ for the home design should be one that stimulates and delights with its unique ideas, exotic details and classic emphasis, and harmonizes indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Stage 1
* 1st Prize US $12,000.00
* 2nd Prize US $5,000.00
* 3rd Prize US $2,000.00
Stage 2
* 1st Prize Commission/Contract for the detailed design of the building.* Expense paid trip for two (2) to Nassau/Paradise Island. **
* 2nd Prize US $5,000.00
* 3rd Prize US $2,000.00

Free registration
Deadline of submission: April 17 2009
More from the Competition Website

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