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Friday, April 1, 2011

SIA-NParks Skyrise Greenery Awards 2011

Senior Minister of State for National Development, Ms Grace Fu, launched the 4th SIA-NParks Skyrise Greenery Awards 2011 at the unveiling of the vertical wall at 6 Battery Road on 24 March.

Skyrise Greenery is a concept that integrates green elements into the built environment. As physical living conditions become increasingly stratified, we need to look to innovative Skyrise Greenery to offer a sphere of new possibilities in our physical and social environments. It represents a vision to evolve our ever-intensifying cities into urbanscapes that are dynamic in more environmental and sustainable ways.

The Skyrise Greenery Awards aim to promote and reward greening efforts in urban developments. The Awards recognise architects taking the lead role in provisioning for green elements from the initial design stages, working in conjunction with stakeholders to bring a project to fruition.

The Skyrise Greenery Awards 2011 is jointly organised by Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and National Parks Board (NParks).


The objectives of this Skyrise Greenery Awards are:

a) To promote Skyrise Greenery in urban developments by recognising the architect / owner / designer / management team who pays particular attention to Skyrise Greenery.

b) To encourage creative and original landscaping ideas in Skyrise Greenery.

c) To encourage architecture design with innovative use of greenery and landscaping to create a positive environment to live, work and play in.

d) To highlight the importance of team effort in the implementation, carrying through of design intentions and maintenance of landscaping works in Skyrise Greenery.

Participation Requirements
a) The Competition is open to architects who are Members of Arcasia Institutes or the International Union of Architects.

b) The architects shall submit details and particulars of the team involved in the project (e.g. Owners / Developers, Landscape Architect / Designer and Landscape Contract Manager) responsible for the Skyrise Greenery project.

c) The Skyrise Greenery development selected for the competition shall be a project completed between 31 July 2005 and by 31 July 2011 .

d) Entries that have previously won a Skyrise Greenery Award in the past cycles are not eligible for entry.

Submission Requirements
Each participating team may submit a maximum of three (3) entries. All entries must be accompanied by the following and must be in English:

a) Two (2) panels of A1 landscape sheets, mounted on exhibit-ready 841mm (W) by
594mm (H) white compact-foam panels of not more that 5mm thickness.

- The panels in landscape format should include a site plan demarcating the boundary

of the area to be judged. The panels should also include description of the
developer’s initiative, design concept, plant selection, maintenance method, and
photographs. Sketches may be included if deemed necessary.
- Please label board number at the back of each board.

b) One set of design reports comprising
- Reduced A3 size colour copies of the A1 boards.
- Narrative description with a minimum of font size twelve (12).

c) A CD containing soft copies of
- drawings, images and photos contained in the design report and boards,
- images of board layout, and
- photographs of the team members (preferably as a group) in high resolution jpeg / tiff
- design report

The above materials are to be accompanied by a copy of the following forms:
a) Project Information Form,
b) Identification Form,
c) Entrant’s Release Form,
d) Narrative Description and
e) Receipt of Submission Form.

These forms can be downloaded from after registration.

Where the project is carried out in association with another firm, due recognition must be accorded to the other firm. However, the participant must be the principal / main architect of the project submitted.

The boards, design reports, CD and 4 forms (Project Information, Identification Form, Entrant’s Release Form and Narrative Description) are to be placed in a clear plastic wrapper.

The Receipt of Submission Form and payment are to be separated from the other material. For payment details, please refer to Section 11.

Judging Criteria

Submissions should use appropriate photographs, diagrams or illustrations to clearly show the design approach and development wherever relevant.

All entries will be accessed by the appointed judges according to the following criteria:

a) Landscape considerations that enhance a cityscape and reflect a ‘City in a Garden aspiration with lush greenery.

b) Creative designs that integrate the building and landscape, spotting emerging trends or setting benchmarks for future projects.

c) Appropriate use of technology or innovative methods in the pursuit of sustainable building design with an emphasis on skyrise greenery, spotting emerging trends or setting benchmarks for future projects.

d) Design considerations that enable social interaction and community engagement.

e) Quality of greenery, paying particular attention to considerations such as appropriate use of plant species, enhancement of biodiversity.

Jury Composition

The Jury for the Skyrise Greenery Awards 2011 will comprise the following members:

Mr Ashvinkumar, (President, Singapore Institute of Architects)
Ms Fun Siew Leng (Group Director (Urban Planning & Design), Urban Redevelopment Authority)
Mr Poon Hong Yuen (Chief Executive Officer, National Parks Board)
Mr Damian Tang (President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects)
Prof Wong Yunn Chii (Head, NUS Department of Architecture)
Facilitator / Moderator:

Mr Laurence Liew, Chairman of SIA Awards Committee

Prizes & Awards
Winning projects will receive a National Parks Board Skyrise Greenery Award. One plaque will be presented to each of the following:

a) Architect
b) Owner/Developer
c) Landscape Architect/Designer
d) Landscape Contract Manager

Prize money shall also be awarded to the applicant of the winning entry.

First Prize: USD$8000.00
Second Prize: USD$5000.00
Third Prize: USD$2000.00

There shall be no prize money for Merit winners.

The applicant of a prize-winning project may be invited to give a presentation during ArchiFest ’11 or at a convenient forum.

All participants whose entries meet the conditions of the competition criteria will receive a certificate of participation.

The submissions will be displayed in a public exhibition during ArchiFest (4th quarter of 2011).

Only the award winners will be informed by mail / email.

Registration, Participation Fee & Submission details
Registration for the Skyrise Greenery Awards is compulsory . Registration can be submitted online at

The participation fee is S$150.00 per entry , inclusive of all prevailing taxes. Payment of the participation fee should be made payable to Singapore Institute of Architects and submitted at the same time with the other submission material.

Submission of all entries must be made by 1 August 2011, 12pm to:

SIA Secretariat
Singapore Institute of Architects
79B Neil Road
Singapore 088904

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