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Monday, April 4, 2011

Global Student Loan Corporation

Are you seeking loans to finance your education at a college or university?

Do you need funds to pay for your degree or non-degree courses?

Global Student Loan Corporation can help make your goal of studying in the U.S. or in other selected countries a reality. Through our partners, GSLC can help ease your financial constraints and streamline your overall loan application process.

The Global Student Loan® is the ONLY comprehensive education loan for international and distance learning students who are non-U.S. citizens that does not require a cosigner in the country in which you are studying. For example, if you seek to study in the U.S., you are not required to have a U.S. cosigner.

We partner with financial institutions throughout the world to provide education loans that meet international students' special needs. In many cases, principal payments may be deferred until graduation when your education will help you secure more financially rewarding career positions. In addition, most loan repayment schedules are spread over a longer period of time than typical consumer loans to significantly reduce your monthly payments.

In addition to covering your tuition, the Global Student Loan® provides funding for other school essentials such as computers, insurance, communications, travel, and housing. GSLC partners with schools and other service providers to fund these other educational expenses so that your attendance is not delayed.

We provide an individual Loan Certificate that may be used to demonstrate adequate funding to attend school, a requirement for securing a student Visa.

Our commitment to you stems from Global Student Loan Corporation’s belief that an education is the best investment an individual and a society can make. The Global Student Loan® offers students who are non-U.S. citizens from around the globe the opportunity to attain a world-class education.

We recognize that selecting and attending the school of your choice is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Global Student Loan Corporation helps make your dream come true.

By facilitating education loans for international students who are non-U.S. citizens, Global Student Loan Corporation helps put the world through school.

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