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Monday, April 25, 2011

Basic Architectural Rendering Using Various Media

by Archi-Stuff

Be it dry or wet media, i never really had a talent in rendering.

But that's how life goes, right? Sometimes, you just gotta be not so good at other stuffs you've had yourself into.Well, before I proceed, I gotta tell you that I'm a fresh architecture graduate from UP Mindanao. And just to give you a little accurate background about Architecture (and so not to make you believe in your assumption that architecture is only about drawing and doing stuffs like what fine arts people do), Architecture is the art and science of planning/arranging spaces and designing buildings such that the end users would experience comfort as they enter, work on, or stroll around the structure, finding it functional, and aesthetically pleasing. That means architecture students have to have their brains drained out for a stressful five years by architects who, despite of their college archi life, never consider late and, uhm, bad plates in one.

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