Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pointers and Sample Questions

I have decided to make a post where instead of putting it in the shoutbox some people could share some information on the board exams. So here it is, hoping others could view them in the future. So if you have something to share, please post it here in the comments box.

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Anonymous,  November 28, 2009 at 1:57 PM  

anyone can explane yo me the riser tread ratio RXT=75

Anonymous,  November 28, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

The total floor area 16 feet wide by 60 feet deep needs one inch (1”) x 4”(commercial size) T & G flooring. Assuming that the available T & G is 1” x

Anonymous,  November 28, 2009 at 1:59 PM  

be careful from general quiz question no.48 right answer is firewall not fire block

Anonymous,  December 2, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

1. It is where the current plans of cities where based including literature, arts...
a. Byzantine
b. Greek
c. Roman

2. Optical Correction made in Column...
a. entasis

3. Identify the door (with beam above)...
a. trabeated

4. Identify the Lot (almost corner with culdesac at the other side)...
a. Through Lot
b. Corner Lot

5. What percentage if all plans of the architect where used on the same second project...
a. 90
b. 80

6. Identify the system, where two adjacent color and opposite ...
a. Triad
b. Split Complimentary
c. Complimentary

7. Identify the arrow it represents ... (building plan with arrow lines)
a. Terminating in space
b. Pass through space
c. Pass near the space

8. Where should the shorter side of the basketball court be oriented ....
a. North-South
b. East-west

9. Who is reponsible to shorten the time and lessen the cost...
a. Project Manager
b. Architect

10. Who is the the owner of plans, construction documents ....
a. Architect

Anonymous,  December 2, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

11. Who should not sign architectural plans...
a. engineer
b. Architect

12. Who should secure the building permit...
a. Client
b. architect

13. After a change of of use (renovation) of the building, what should be secured...
a. fire inspection certificate

14. Before a building can be used, what should be secured ...
a. building permit
b. Occupancy permit

15. What is being planned by the HLURB.....
a. Comprehensive land use plan

16. After the plan being pass through the sanggunian, who will implement....
a. NHA

17. What is used in order to determine the function/traffic....
a. Grid
b. Floor pattern

18. If all the people converge in one place in the city, it is called....
a. Monocentric
b. central Business district
c. Polycentric

19. What happens if the majority of the population proceed to the city...
a. unavailability of low cost housing
b. loss of jobs

20. identify the bond
a. Flemish
b. Running bond
c. English bond
d. English garden bond

Anonymous,  December 3, 2009 at 5:49 PM  

21. Identify the road (angled from the vertical road)
a. Service road
b. Culdesac
c. Interior road

22. Identify the figure..
a. Foldable partition

=====\ /\ /
\/ \/

23. What is the method of compensation
a. 5% upon signing of contract, 50% ...
b. 10 percent upon signing of contract, 50%...
c. 5%, 40% ....

24. In vernacular architecture, it is where the cups, utensils are kept...
a. cusina
b. banguerahan

25. The origin of bahay na kubo comes from...
a. Balai which means house, Kubo which means cube.

26. What is the frieze in modern day houses,
a. beam
b. gutter

27. It is also (designed) (called) as beam
a. Corbel
b. Wall Footing

28. Identify the arch (looks like a trefoil)
a. ogee
b. lancet

29. The early (christian) period can be characterized with .....
a. simple pediment with dome on top

30. when a (hot air) enters a room, what happens...
a. hor air Air rises

31. What is not covered by fire regulation.....
a. Unrestricted fire zone

32. A line is ...
a. A shadow
b. A point that has direction and ...

33. the intersection of the (center) of the (arch/vaults) is called ..
a. boss

34. Intentify that part of the vault ....
a. (rib cage)

35. Style characterized by horizontal lines and window tracery ...
a. mannerism

36. A spanish architect who designed the Sagrada Familia...
a. Antonio Gaudi

37. What (character/method) did Frank Gerry used in his (approach/design)...
a. (Deviating) from (typical/regular) showing the external functions...

38. Identify the figure (4 large circular column in plan with smaller columns in between coupled/group together) ...
a. Combined/grid/clustered

39. Identify the column (almost semi circular in plan flushed to the wall)
a. Engaged column

40. (Something about) arch (can span greater distance than lintel)
a. made of small stones

Anonymous,  December 3, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

41. The (arrangement) of (forms/ volume)
a. Composition
b. massing

42. The character where the design is continous (that can be found on the other parts of the structure)
a. Rhythmn
b. Unity

43. Using (downlight/pinlight) indirect lighting in (a store)
a. Gives dramatic effect

44. Style that characterised by (vertical/parallel) and tracery on (windows)
a. (early christian)

45. What is (the purpose of) a fortress...
a. to protect the (owner) from enemy attact
b. (military installation)

46. A plan drawn by a draftsman under the supervision of a registered and licensed architect, (who owns the said documents) (responsible)
a. Architect of record

47. Under the National Building Code IRR, what is the length of signange that can project to a street assuming it is arcaded ...
a. 0.90 m
b. 1.00 m
c. not more than 1.20 m

48. In what (services/phase) does the scope of (helping/arranging) for the clients (to bid out for the contractor)....
a. Contruct documents phase (mind the spelling, it is "CONTRUCT")
b. Construction phase

49. If an architect assumes the function of going to the project site (monitoring)
what (services) ....

a. Full time project supervision
b. Project supervision

50. Indentify the spacing (1 1/2) of the column
a. distyle
b. pycnostyle

51. What is the most (ideal) for a residential resort to develop especially if it is facing a lake
Figure... (the drawing of the slope is more exaggerated than the written figure)
a. 2 percent slope
b. 5 percent slope
c. 10 percent slope
d. 15 percent slope or more

52. Same figure (slope) what is the most expensive for the plumbing to be develop...
a. 2 percent slope
b. 5 percent slope
c. 10 percent slope
d. 15 percent slope or more

53. The study in relation to ... volume
a. Antropomtery
b. ergonomics

54. What type of window where most air can pass .....
a. casement
b. awning

55. (something about) Renovation
a. changes with respect to the original plan...

56. Where can be the pyramid of Cheops be found ...
a. Egypt

57. It is an Indian gateway
a. Torii
b. pailou
c. Torana

58. It is the basis of architectural (sytle)
a. Culture

59. The (termination) between wall and ceiling. Identify the figure...
a. Cyma reversa
b. Cyma recta
c. (cove)

60. What is the minimum habitable area ....
a. 6.0 sq.m.

Anonymous,  December 4, 2009 at 11:52 AM  

I want to share what I have experience ngayong exam, I am 1st timer i expected a lot kung ano ang magiging theory ng exam but i was amazed because it is really more on practical and the real world of architecture,practice and nature of construction.Im not say na maaring maging same lang ang exam dito sa middle east kesa sa manila but the bottom line ang magiging sandata mo dito ay kung ano yung na-experience mo during your 2yrs diversified experienced.And before the exam, I am so inspired sa orientation at speech na bnigay sa'min ni Arch't Chua, She explained about formatted exam. According to her, We have already the tallent to draw and draft kasi napag-aralan na natin yun within 5yrs, ang tanong yung design mo ba ay nakaka-comply sa bldg.code. Sometimes during the practice daw hindi na natin nasusunod yung tamang standard ng bldg.code.According to her also,once we are practicing na daw,ang role ng PRBOA is to judge kung nakakacomply ka sa bldg.code or other related laws at hindi nila ija-judge yung design ksi sariling konsepto na natin yun at labas na sila don. At really nabuksan ang isip ko that board exam is not memorization, it is really testing you what the construction world is and what architecture practice all about. Now, I advice those na magtetake exam unawain niyo ang bawat binabasa niyo hindi yung ime-morize niyo word by word kasi sa board exam iibahin din naman nila yung mga term na yan e.And last, magtiwala kayo kay GOD na lahat ng mangyayari sa exam I will niya. god Bless to all

Anonymous,  December 5, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

61. When the spaniards came, they noticed that the house where easily destoyed during typhoon, What type of house was introduced by them...
a. Bahay na bato
b. Bungalow

62. A semi circular area on the end side of the church
a. apse

63. (Something about estimate)
a. (quantity surveyor)

64. Where does Planning services fall...
a. Regular services
b. (Special) Allied Services

65. Identify the figure (a complex building plan)
a. Space within a space
a. (Cross space)


67. (Mostly found) (common) in China and Japan
a. Pagoda

68. Plans, (Perspective), "MODELS", they are...
a. instruments of practice

69. Who keeps the logbook
a. owner
b. Architect

70. type of building (arcade) open (space) on
a. one side
b. two sides
c. all sides

71. What (method) in plannig so all concerned are given....
a. Heirarchy
b. (Organization chart)

72. As an architect, you where commisioned to do the (masterplan) ...
a. Direct all department heads ...
b. Study all existing laws that (has relation) ...

73. Elements found on both side (centerline) ...
a. Symmetrical

74. what was used in the design... Identify the figure (A facade of 2-3 story with door and a human outline drawing) ...
a. Human scale

75. it (moves) people from (one place to ) another.. direction ...
a. path

76. Which (area) type make wind more unpredictable ..
a. grass area
b. Built up structures
c. valley

77. Where can be found during the roman empire (country) (church) ...
a. (East Roman)
b. (West roman)

78. The basis of modern day (door)
a. post and lintel

79. What is (NOT) ussually employed by the owner in commissioning a small residential project ...
a. referall
b. (direct)
c. competition

80. In what instances where several architect submit a design proposal at the same time...
a. design competition

Anonymous,  December 5, 2009 at 4:47 PM  

81. what is R3
a. Medium density housing
b. High density housing
c. (general) density houding

82. What influences contemporay architecture
a. building materials
b. existing law
c. culture
d. all of the above

83. Indentify the figure (planning) used ...
a. radial
b. (Grid)
c. (centralized)

84. (who provides for the CPE - continuing professional education)
b. PRC

85. What is the purpose of bill of materials
a. Bidding
b. (loan)
c. construction guide

86.(Which is not a structural plan) does not show ...
a. foundation plan
b. schedules of beam
c. floor framing plan
d. roof framing plan

87. (what is needed for the application of building permit) ..
a. TCT - transfer certificate of Title

88. (Who is responsible for the) implementation of RA 9266
a. Building official

89. Situational .. An architect billed his client with the total of 3,500,000 including there already the 12 percent VAT. ( part of that, aside VAT goes to overheads, expenses, fees, profit.)
How much without the VAT
a. 3,125,000

90. how much is the profit
a. 1M plus plus

91. How much is the tax
owed to the government

a. 375,000

Anonymous,  December 5, 2009 at 4:56 PM  

1.What is not part of the BHL of the Said Project considering it is R1 classification.

a. antenna
b. mast
c. parapet
d. satellite disk

Anonymous,  December 7, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

structural..more on reading the plan..ilang rebars..ties.location of beam with respect ot column location..etch...etch

Anonymous,  December 7, 2009 at 4:04 PM  

sa constrcution! sample umaulan? ano gagawin mo sa newly formed concrete?

Anonymous,  December 7, 2009 at 4:14 PM  

from middle east:


Columnatiojn adn intercolumniation! + temples

understand the TABLE on Section 7 and 8...the calculation of GFA,TGFA,FLAR,PSO,ISA,USA, iba pa! signage...arceded and non arcaded!

"orientation din is the most impotant thing u shoul be familliarized with....the the orientation of the RROW."

"lahat nang sagot ay maaring tama! try to understand the behavior of SUN+WIND"

huwag magmadali sa pagsagot! masyadong tricky ang questions! sa una kala mo tam ka na pero kapag inulit mo tanong iba na ang hinahanap! be wise!

May Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Institutional at Site Planning subdivion projects ang cover ng design exams, lahat ng yan dapat alam mo.

At dapat marunong kang gumamit ng NBC rule7 & 8 kasi halos lahat ng tanung may depend sa laws. Kaya dapat marunong ka gumamit ng NBC.

"Kailangan mo pa din magdrawing sa A4 papaer para alam mo lahat ng itatanung nila"

Halimbawa....ilanpo ang terrazzo tiles na gagamitin sa sala.Dapat alam mo ang size palang ng terrazzo.

"Design Problem?Bibigyan kayo ng Project at sa situation na yun...doon nila tatanungin lahat ng details,setbacks...areas at approach mo sa design."

Actual Construction experience is a great weapon for the new format exam...Pang Architektu talaga at alam ang Bldg.Laws

"i-double check niyo yung mga sagot,and it's not impossible na pwede niyong ma-perfect yung exam basta may presence of mind and keep your faith to God."

"inalize niyo muna yung tanong and choose the best answer. then sa questionnaire muna kayo sumagot before transferring ur answer to aswer sheet,"

"construction book,and of course trust your experience and be familiarize sa law compliance alam ko kaya niyong sagutin lahat basta unawain niyo at"

sa mga magtetake ng exam i will advice you that don't memorize anything, kelangan lang ng extensive reading even magazines or other related

"read alot of docs with regards to ALE..all topic specially in history...."

Anonymous,  December 7, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

1. For efficiency (identify in the plan) what should be near each other
b. AHU, Chiller
c. FCU, Chiller

2. Idenfity (Foundation plant in sectional view resting on a concrete)
The foundation is resting on
a. gravel
b. 50 mm concrete mat

3. Identify (riser diagram, indicating a ckt, and light fixtures.)
a. (38) light units

4. What item needs to have its own CKT.
a. ACU

5. In eletric elevator, is the cable that provides electrical power to the car
a. governor rope
b. traveling cable

6. for (maintenance)
stainless steel rail
a. Mirror finish
b. Hairline finish
c. (Satin finish)

7. What could not be achieved by an escalator, walkalator that is possible in a travelator
a. Move trolleys from one level to the next level

8. Identify (steel frames with angle brace - the brace being pointed)
a. Bolted and welded

9. Identify what type of airconditioning was used.
a. Centralized
b. Chilled beam

10. What location is the (Chiller)
a. 2nd floor
b. 3rd floor
c. ground floor

11. where is the (air) in the chocolate room coming from
a. managers room
b. fan thru the toilet

12. usually installed in kitchen (toilets) to expel odors
a. mechanical vent

13. Used/preferred as type of materials on exit on highly ....

a. steel
b. reinforced concrete

14. What happens when someone tries to break a (laminated glass)
a. it will break and turn to smaller pieces
b. it will buckle
c. nothing

15. for (privacy) where one can see the outside and hidden from the outside
a. tinted glass

16. If it breaks, it will turn to smaller pieces without sharpe edges..\
a. tempered glass

17. a residential condiminium is facing a busy street, what solution to lessen the noise if cost is NOT a factor
a. install noise control damper
b. double glazing on windows

18. what floor should be placed in a gym of a fast food maker company
a. (granite)

19. an (industrial) look showroom is having problems with acoustics
a. install (acoustic) ceiling

20. where usually a storm sewer are placed
a. under the sidewalk on short road and under the road on wider road
b. near the curb ...

Anonymous,  December 7, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

21. where usally the telephone line are placed
a. under the sidewalk on short road and under the road on wider road
b. near the curb ...

22. How to attached a wood on a concrete panel
a. Dowel

23. how to attached (something like a post)
a. anchor bolt

24. a (150) wall was used, then a 150 x 200 column was designed, why this cannot be used
a. it will buckle
b. interface between the wall and column will crack

25. Identify (metal roof with screw- pointing on screw)
a. self tapping screw

26. What is used to fasten .... (almost similar question)
a. self tapping screw

27. What is the commercial length of long span roofing
a. 18 m
b. 10 m
c. none

28. What is the advantage of using Long span roofing
a. Less joint, less maintenance

29. What is Not a commercial wattage for a flourescent light
a. 100w
b. 20w
c. 40w
d. 36w

30. According to the Accessibility law, what is the mounting height for grab bar
a. 600mm
b. 700mm
c. 900mm

31. Truss is designed with usually a bottom chord...why..
a. Truss normaly cannot span wide distance

32. A small residential project with an area of ... sq. .m. on the second floor will be poured with concrete .. what is the best ...
a. Manual mix
b. Ready mix concrete
c. 2 bagger mixer

33. A ready mix concrete should be test at ...
a. site
b. plant

34. A (hydrologic) soil test should be made ...
a. before excavation
b. after excavation

35. To keep a wall from moving forward, that is (touching) (beside) a soil
a. Loosen up soil to allow water to drain

36. What is the treatment for cracks on wall....
a. Injection of (bonding chemical)

37. Treatment for a soil that was over excavated
a. return the soil, compact and excavate again
b. place metal (something) (gravel)

38.A floor will be laid with new (tiles) on an uneven surface level .. what to do...
a. aplly with leveling grout..

39. What is being used to measure the property line?
a. T square
b. triangle
c. (compass)
d. steel tape

40. What is the least cost to get the right angle
a. brand new plywood
b. 3-4-5 multiple
c. hire a geodetic engineer (surveyor)

Anonymous,  December 11, 2009 at 3:21 PM  

41. Identify the drawing (switch in the toilet)
a. Single switch

42. To prevent accident, what (not) to use on pavement .. (or more prone to accident)
a. tiles
b. asphalt

43. In plumbing, if valve is to regulate the flow of water, what is the counterpart in electrical...
a. switch

44. According to the National Plumbing code what is the (minimum) slope...
a. 1/2" : 1m
b. 1/4" : 12 inches

45. Structural .. when torsion is applied .. what happens..
a. twist

46. Concrete breaks without warning, steel takes time, under these design parmeters ... consideration ..
a. Concrete and steel should be design to fall simultaneously
b. Steel should be design to fall first

47. what is Curing..
a. fast drying of concrete
b. retaining of water through hydration

48. another question about concrete...
a. curing

49. Who is responsible for the relocation of points..
a. architect
b. geodetic engineer

50. most common frame materials used in warehouse
a. concrete
b. steel
c. aluminum

51. a form of security
b. cable tv
c. PBX

52. according to the National Plumbing Code, pipe... support..
a. 3.0 m

53. Indentify ... plumbing (valve in plan)
a. valve near the (source)

54. Identify ... plumbing..
a. No hot water line

55. (Mechanical plan) To control (or identify in the plan) located in the entrance...
a. Air curtain

56. advantage of steel ....
a. takes less manpower

57. Disadvantage of cast in place over pre fab
a. takes time to finish

58. another advantage of steel ...
a. steel has more strength

59. What should be used if a wall will be in contact with the earth/soil
a. Retaining wall
b. (shear wall)

60. about costruction...
a. formwork

Anonymous,  December 11, 2009 at 3:21 PM  

61. disadvantage of this material, (esp. typhoon debris)..
a. masonry

62. Old building..PABX..
a. Wiring problem

63. why is acrylic .. versatile...
a. can be used on wood, concrete and steel

64. Disadvantage of (Cementitous) water proofing
a. cannot tolerate more cracks

65. Used to cut intricate patterns
a. Hot wire
b. jigsaw

66. NPC, minumum trap size for shower drain
a. 2"
b. 1 1/2"

67. Uniform light on a wide area
a. flood light
b. Spot light

68. Why is the lenght of the frame of sliding windows (limited to) (1.6m)
a. frame will bent

69. Door folding, what hinge
a. invisible hinge

70. what shoud be avoided in auditorium design, since it tends to (focus) sound
a. irregular
b. rectangular

71. You were commissioned for a music room design... for the floor...
a. wood

72. it has (almost the same) properties of concrete
a. plaster
b. wood

73. (Ultraviolet) sun... pipes...
a. PB

74. Live load
a. human

75. Where is a gutter attached
a. fascia board

76. it serve as Door stopper
a. Basciada

77. window that receives most (air)
a. casement

78. is a mixture of (silica) (lime)
a. cement

79. It the water that flows out of the system is contaminated, what could be the reasons...
a. there is a hole is the piping system
b. a combined line for the (other fixtures)

80. an IT company, building, what should be the consideration...
a. modular furniture, configurable

Anonymous,  December 11, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

81. structural question
a. expansion joint

82. powdering of paints... solution
a. do not paint if it is very humid
b. always clean the brush

83. something about joinery
a. butt joint

84. how to lessen the (traffic)
a. tall trees
b. ground grass cover
c. (3) feet wall fence

85. type of hinge used ...
a. concealed hinge

86. material/method for rat proofing
a. plastic
b. steel
c. concrete
d. (poison) lason

87. on plumbing. if....
a. grease trap

88. consideration in the location of septic tank
a. location of water supply

89. about (roofing),
a. c-purlins

90. 45 degree, ...
a. v groove

91. narra, how best preserve, texture, look ...
a. paint
b. varnish
c. laquer

92. complex project ...
a. pert-cpm .. pert.. critical path method

93. advantage of (pvc) roof ....
a. flexible esp. on curve surface

94. noisy floor ....
a. install carpet

95. pvc pipe, how is joined ..
a. fusion
b. solvent cement
c. (teflon tape)

96. indentify .. figure (foundation resting on a conc.)
a. (50mm) concrete

97. very low luminance, consumes too much energy, banned on goverment buildings ..
a. flourescent
b. incandescent bulb

98. how is the (connection) of gutters attached (joined)
a. alumminum rivets

99. what is the properties of .. sound... .
a. (refraction)

100. a client, see below the floor, what glass...
a. tempered glass
b. safety glass
c. glass block
c. laminated glass

Anonymous,  December 11, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

101. a sample of (ac) dc current ...
a. generator

102. if 5 bulbs are connected to a series, what happens when you take out one of the bulbs
a. all lights out
b. nothing

103. what is needed if you need to get power from generator (aside from meralco)
a. double throw

104. identify (electrical) the ckt. (AC) unit
a. ckt. (19)

105. which should be (not) used for a pipechase
a. chb
b. drywall
c. shearwall

106. astm .... metal ..
a. (steel bar)

107. structural ... after the concrete...
a. post tensioning

108. how do you determine the adjacent property line (start) (where) on the other side of the road ..
a. middle of the road
a. edge of the other side of the road

109. Identtify figure (angle support, from metal post, angled, supporting a truss/roof overhang)

110. about wall, (not) to use ... (outside) inside
a. 100mm
b. 150 mm

111. affects light in a (room)
a. material texture
b. color
c. (window)

112. there are so many ways to install a window, prior to that, certain (allowance) which window is (not|) included...
a. casement
b. louvre

113. what type of ceiling not to use in high traffic kitchen
a. stainless

114. where should (soil pipe) be placed ....
a. pipechase

115. countours, elevation mark ....
a. topographic map

116. for (cement) (plaster) to hold ...
a. make plaster thin a possible
b. add more (cement)

117. identify (plumbing layout)
a. kitchen sink

118. that slopes, degree (roof)
a. (rafter)

119. what wall should be used if (soil pipe) will run through it
a. drywall
b. 150 chb

120. structural .. concrete (failure)\
a. voids..
121. indenfity size of beam (drawing .. grid)
a. (300 x 400)

122. identify from schedule (drawing ..L/3) face of the column bottom bars.
a. (1600) mm

123. length of beam from shedule

a. (0000) mm

124. length of beam from shedule
(B something)

a. (0000) mm

125. L/5 length of bottom bar

Anonymous,  December 13, 2009 at 6:48 PM  

anu ba ang max width ng arcade from property line

Anonymous,  December 14, 2009 at 6:19 PM  

it will depend on the height of arcade and the
RROW width

Anonymous,  December 14, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

Who is responsible in asking for final inspection of a project?
a. architect
b. owner
c. design engineer
d. general contractor

Anonymous,  December 15, 2009 at 6:49 PM  

Thank you so much for the posts. I am a 2010 examinee. This post means a lot to me and my group. Kudos Architects! CONGRATULATIONS!

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