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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poor Planning? The Loboc Bridge

This is a prime example of poor planning. I have seen this when I visited the town of Loboc in Bohol after my Chocolate Hills tour. How could a bridge be built without seeing that there is a church right on its direction?

The bridge is almost completed until it was stopped because it will pass thru one of the oldest churches in Bohol, the home of the Loboc Boy's Choir. I guess the designers never even bothered to visit the site to check if the plan is correct. Now, the bridge serves as a roof for a group of enterprising vendors.

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  1. It is not poor planning. They have a plan and that plan is to demolish the church. A post of the bridge will hit the church, so they will excavate. There are something beneath the church. By the way, the contractor of that bridge is Japanese. Only 1/4 of the Japanese treasure only discovered.


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